Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter


Published by Sonic Bond Publishing; ISBN 978-1-78952-162-7

Decades: Mott The Hoople in the 1970s

Hot on the heels of the massive two-part Mott/Ian biography comes this entry in the Decades series. It covers Mott's career from their formation in 1969 to their break-up in 1974, their continuation first as just Mott in 1975/6 and then British Lions in 1977/8, and Ian's career upto 1979. Pitched at the right level for the casual fan, it is a very good treatment of the subject.

The author clearly knows his subject and has done his own research making this a fresh treatment of the band. There are the highs and lows of their career - the lack of early record sales, their fortuitous meeting with David Bowie and the success that followed, and the seeming lack of record company support for what came after. For Ian there was the euphoria of his first album followed by relative disappointment with the two that followed, leading to success again in 1979. And that is where we leave it - the book is called Decades, after all - with just a brief overview of Ian's career since.

The dedicated fan will already know much of the content, but for the casual fan wanting to know more this is ideal. As such, it is highly recommended.