Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Iron City Houserockers CD: "Have A Good Time But... Get Out Alive!"

Sleeve and track listing

Cleveland International CIR5003-2. (4.5 stars!)

Disc 1 (40m51s)

  1. Have A Good Time (But Get Out Alive)
  2. Don't Let Them Push You Around
  3. Pumping Iron
  4. Hypnotized
  5. Price of Love
  6. Angela
  7. We're Not Dead Yet
  8. Blondie
  9. Old Man Bar
  10. Junior's Bar
  11. Runnin' Scared
  12. Rock Ola

Disc 2 (65m09s)

  1. Have A Good Time... But Get Out Alive (demo)
  2. Don't Let Them Push You Around (demo)
  3. Pumping Iron (demo)
  4. Don't Stop The Music (demo)
  5. Angela (demo)
  6. Price Of Love (demo)
  7. Hold Out (demo)
  8. Rock Ola (demo)
  9. Struggle & Die (demo)
  10. Rock Ola (extended)
  11. Charlena/Blondie
  12. Runnin' Scared
  13. Runnin' Scared #2
  14. Hypnotized (a work in progress)
  15. Rooster Blues
  16. Do Wah Diddy


The Iron City Houserockers were a rock band from Pittsburg PA. Having signed to Cleveland International in 1977 this was their second album, recorded early in 1980. Produced by the Slimmer Twins (Steve Popovitch and Marty Mooney) and Mick Ronson it captures a young, hungry band right at the top of their game.

Right from the opening notes of the title track you just know this is going to be good. Hard-rocking with just the right hint of punk in the vocals and immacculate production - all instruments are clear without the whole ever sounding thin.

I know I'm supposed to pick out a few tracks as highlights but heck - it's all good! After starting with three full-tilt rockers the pace slows a little for Hypnotized and Price Of Love which has some haunting guitar and beautiful piano, but we're rocking again with Angela with some hard-driving guitar. Old Man Bar has some great accordion and a beautiful wistful vocal. We're up and rocking again with Junior's Bar which sounds like everybody was having fun in the studio. Things calm down again for album closer Rock Ola which has some fine guitar and piano from Mick Ronson.

The second disc is interesting and will appeal to die-hard fans more than the casual listener. The transformation from rough-and-ready demo to the finished product is like night and day, and shows just what an excellent job Mick Ronson and the Slimmer Twins did.

All in all, an excellent album. Highly recommended.

At the time of writing, samples of all tracks on the album are on Cleveland International's website.