Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter LP/CD: "Ian Hunter"

Sleeve and track listing

Sony/Columbia 519817 2. (4 stars!)

  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  2. Who Do You Love
  3. Lounge Lizard
  4. Boy
  5. 3,000 Miles From Here
  6. The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth
  7. It Ain't Easy When You Fall/Shades Off
  8. I Get So Excited
  9. Colwater High1
  10. One Fine Day1
  11. Once Bitten Twice Shy (single edit)1
  12. Who Do You Love (single edit)1
  13. Shades Off (poem)1
  14. Boy (edit)1

1Bonus track on 30th Anniversary edition

Sleeve variations

Regular CD/LP


After leaving Mott the Hoople, Ian teamed up with guitarist Mick Ronson to record his first solo album. Mott had booked Air studios in London, but Ian and Mick went in instead. The result is an album that is totally stunning - one of Ian's best.

From the opening "'Ullo!" of Once Bitten Twice Shy to the savage cut-off of original album closer I Get So Excited this is an album packed full of good tracks. I can't pick out highlights because they're all good.

The 30th Anniversary issue now includes two session outtakes (unreleased at the time), together with two single edits. All of the bonus material was previously released on the Once Bitten Twice Shy compilation.

Sound quality is excellent, as are the sleeve notes.

This album has been issued several times on CD. The original Columbia (USA) CD had good (but not exceptional) sound quality, while the UK Sony/Rewind CD had very good sound quality. Neither had bonus tracks.