Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Medicine Head CD: "Two Man Band"

Sleeve and track listing

Angel Air SJPCD095. (3 stars!)

  1. It's Natural
  2. Wishin' and Wishin'
  3. Give It Away
  4. Si Belle
  5. Mother Love
  6. I'm Your Man
  7. Sun's Sinkin' Low
  8. Over You
  9. River Of Tears
  10. Shake Me
  11. Too Much Love
  12. Me And Suzie (Hit The Floor)
  13. Moon Child
  14. Midnight


Medicine Head achieved moderate levels of success in the early to mid 70's with their distinctive, minimalist approach to rock. By 1976, however, their star was waning and the major labels were no longer interested. This record originally came out on Chas Chandler's Barn label and is now released on CD for the first time.

Whatever may have been happeniong within the band, this certainly does not sound like a band on its last legs. Stylewise it is difficult to classify, so unique were they and so British the sound. There's a bluesy feel throughout the album, with hints of pop imbibed with a timeless quality that means the music doesn't sound dated at all.

The album has a relaxing quality to it which means you can quite happily play it and it never tries to grab you by the throat but at the same time can never be dismissed out of hand. Whether it is the groove of It's Natural or the 60's poppy feel to Wishin' and Wishin' the songs are still there, demonstrating maybe there was life in the old 'Head yet.

But Medicine Head would soon fold in the face of the punk onslaught, and John Fiddler would soon reinvent himself as a lithe, fresh-faced rock star with the British Lions. As such, this album is important as it marks the end of one of the unique bands of British Rock and a turning point in John Fiddler's career.