Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter


[Mick Ronson live in 1990]


Very few Hunter/Mott albums came with lyrics, and none came with guitar tablature (does any album have guitar tablature?!) The only printed reference, the Mott The Hoople Songbook, is long out of print. Ditto the Schizophrenic Songbook. These pages will attempt to rectify the situation, but please bear in mind that only a handful of fans are gifted enough to transcribe the music back into tab, and even fewer are on-line; if you can help, then please do.

If you do help, then please help me by using plain-text editor such as Notepad, and save it as a plain-text (.txt) file; please don't use a word-processor (eg Microsoft Word) as there's no guarantee I use the same word processor (or text fonts) as you. Please also use multiple spaces rather than the tab key - that way I can be sure of getting the words and music lined up the way you intend. Thanks!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The guitar tablature and lyrics on these pages are presented for information/educational purposes only. Due to the possibility of mis-hearing, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. Copyright remains vested in the lawful copyright holders.

Track by track tablature

In addition to the tracks listed below, I have a some riffs (not the full song) that have also been transcribed.

23A Swan Hill

3000 Miles From Here


All The Way From Memphis

Arms And Legs

All The Young Dudes ringtone for Nokia phones.

Backsliding Fearlessly

Ballad Of Mott

Born Late '58


Central Park 'n' West

Colwater High

Crash Street Kidds

Dead Man Walkin'

Death of a Nation

The Debt

Drivin' Sister

God (Take 1)

Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll

Honaloochie Boogie

Hymn For The Dudes (for piano)

I Am What I Hated When I Was Young

I Wish I Was Your Mother (for mandolin)

I Wish I Was Your Mother (for guitar)

Irene Wilde and an alternative transcription. The general consensus is the second one is more "correct".


Michael Picasso

Midnight Lady

No Wheels To Ride

Now Is The Time

Once Bitten Twice Shy

One Of The Boys

The Original Mixed Up Kid

Pearl 'n' Roy (England)

Read 'em And Weep

Rest In Peace

Resurrection Mary

Road To Birmingham

Rock n Roll Queen (and another tab)

Roll Away The Stone (and a second tab )

Saturday Gigs (and a second, third and a fourth tab)

Sea Diver (for piano)

Something To Believe In

Sons 'n' Daughters

Standing In My Light

Still Love Rock 'n' Roll

Sweet Angeline

Threads Of Iron

Through The Looking Glass

Thunderbuck Ram

Too Much

Trudi's Song


Wash Us Away

Waterlow (for piano)

Whizz Kid

You Are One Of Us


On the pages themselves, I tend to credit the person who first transcribed the song. Sterling work has been done, however, by those who proof-read contributions and suggested alternatives. Therefore I would like to thank the following, who helped either by transcribing songs, or by suggesting corrections: Tom Acreman, Peter Anderson, Lee Argus, Andy Baker, Chris Clark, Joe Eglash, Dave Hall, Gregory Layne, Greg Luker, Thomas Lyday, Rich Manson, Neil Matterson, Geoff Murrell, Steve Norgrove, Tony Oliva, Mike Ollier, Mike Poskitt, John Swanner, Paul Stepto, James Takahashi, Stephen Turner, Christopher Owen, Alessandro Fagioli and Dave Harms