Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

MOTT, British Lions and related artists albums


After Hunter left, the band soldiered on as MOTT releasing two albums in 1975 and 1976. Another change of vocalist and a name change to British Lions resulted in an excellent debut album in 1978. They did record a second album, released some time after their demise and at the time impossibly hard to find.

Recent years have seen all albums released on CD, together with some archive live performances and demos.

MOTT albums

Recruiting a new guitarist (Ray Major) and a new vocalist (Nigel Benjamin), and shortening their name to MOTT, they recorded two albums in 1975 and 1976.

Both original MOTT albums are now available on CD, together with an archive live album and an album of demoes and other oddities.

British Lions albums

A new vocalist (John Fiddler - ex-Medicine Head), new management (Colin Johnson, Status Quo's manager), new label (Vertigo - Quo's label) and a name change to British Lions (the MOTT name having been played out).

Both Lions albums are now on CD, together with two archive releases.

Related artists albums

The following are recent releases by members of the Mott The Hoople family:

Verden Allen

Verden has kept a low profile since leaving Mott The Hoople early 1973, despite forming the Cheeks, who went on to become the Pretenders.

John Fiddler

John was vocalist in Medicine Head and of course the British Lions.

Morgan Fisher

Mott The Hoople piano player from 1973 onwards, Morgan Fisher stayed with MOTT and then British Lions to the end. He did in fact have a career before Mott with his band Morgan (and Love Affair before that), and afterwards as a solo artist in Japan.

Luther Grosvenor

Luther, aka Ariel Bender, was Mott The Hoople's guitarist from 1973 to 1974. After Mott The Hoople he went on to form Widowmaker.

Steve Hyams

Steve was more a friend of the band than a member, although they did cut some demos together in the mid 70's.

Ray Majors

Ray was guitarist with both MOTT and British Lions.

Mick Ralphs

Mick was a founder member of Mott The Hoople and Bad Company.

Overend Watts

Overend was Mott's bass player.

Tribute albums

I wouldn't normally include tribute acts here, but this is different. First, there is a Japanese tribute album lovingly put together by Morgan Fisher in 1996. Then there's the Down 'n' Outz, which is mega-fan (and Def Leppard frontman) Joe Elliott's Mott/Hunter tribute band.


Widowmaker was Ariel Bender's post-Mott band. They formed in 1975 and were soon taken up by notorious manager Don Arden and signed to his Jet label. Not to be confused with (ex-Twisted Sister frontman) Dee Snider's band!


This section lists albums that in some way are related to the Mott The Hoople "family", either by virtue of being early work, guest appearance or production work.

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